Hello, I am Rebecca, the young woman behind The Food Geographer.

Geography stems from the Greek ‘geographia’, literally meaning ‘writing the world’.

As a food geographer, I research into and communicate the stories behind sustainability and environment, focusing especially on natural resources such as food and agriculture. There is no ‘one size fits all’ route to learning about sustainability; it is embedded in a particular context. This context includes the geography, ecology, cultures, values and people – and how they all intertwine to create a complex and ever-changing system. Because of this complexity, I work in various environments to find the most creative route to catalyse meaningful, effective and accessible communication. This includes:

  • Graphic Illustration – Recording and Facilitation
  • Journalism
  • Workshops and ‘Taste Education’ Events
  • Cooking and Growing Food with Others

Please explore the website, and feel free to contact me for rates, availability and collaboration.