Sending foodie vibes from Japan

Hello from Japan!

Sanja Matsuri festival
Just chillin’ with some locals at the Sanja Matsuri festival

It’s 10.51pm and I’m currently lying on the floor, trying to prepare myself mentally and physically for a night of bar-hopping, kareoke, and an eventual stop at Tsukiji Fish Market, Tokyo.

On the other side of the world, many of my friends are also staying up all night for ‘May Balls’. We will all be drinking copious quantities of beer and whiskey and singing badly to Taylor Swift, but only one of us will end up smelling like fish and fresh sushi by the end of the night. Lucky me.

Not only is this the largest fish market in Tokyo, but holds the number one spot in the whole world. It is also the market featured in the acclaimed documentary Jiro Dreams of Sushi. The main event is the tuna fish auction: Starting at 5.30am, 60 people get to witness tonnes of fresh tuna fish being auctioned off to buyers.

Shoji and I have decided that, to ensure that we get a place, we are going to arrive there at 3.30am. Naturally, we must stay up all night in order to do this. I’m just hoping that in my sleep-deprived, post-Taylor-Swift-singing state, I’m not going to end up buying a tuna.

We shall just have to wait and see…

Alongside updates on the tuna fish auction, I will be providing a panoply of culinary travel stories to whet your appetite and enchant your minds. Most will be from Japan, but I also have a few from India and Germany (long overdue…sorry).

The line-up is as follows:

  • A street food tour in Madurai, India – spiced masala dosas, goats head chutney and dumplings washed down with lassi and other delights.
  • currywurst and beer tour in Berlin – exactly what it says on the tin, but interspersed with historical and art facts to really give a sense of Berlin’s thriving food culture.
  • A series of posts on Japan’s food scene, focusing on edible insects, tuna auctions and general home-cooked deliciousness.
Until next time. x

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