Waiting for the tea to brew…


Hi all,

While I have been trying to post as regularly as possible via the Food Geographer Facebook page, and my Instagram is continually flooded with photos of vegetables, farm animals and woodland walks (oh, happy Earth Day everyone, by the way!), my actual website has been left without much content for a while.

I can’t believe it has been 2 months since my last post: a huge amount of news and interesting events have passed us by, and many ideas and curiosities have popped up and often have inspired me to write, privately, or engage in fantastic conversations.

My lack of website presence is down to the fact that I am taking leave from writing publicly for a month or two. There are multiple reasons for this choice, some practical and others emotional. However, I think the main reason is to do with being sure I am writing for the right reasons, with honesty and strong opinion, and am confident in my own ‘voice’. I am in the midst of restructuring The Food Geographer, the topics touched, and also what else I would like to offer in terms of writing, workshops, education and so on. All will help to really concrete why I have my own independent website and blog: to effectively communicate complex issues around food, agriculture and environment in personal, engaging ways and inspire others to act.

I have titled this blog ‘waiting for the tea to brew’. Of course, I’m British, so I chose tea. However, it is a good little metaphor: ideas, potential collaborations and workshops are all being mixed in and brewing away, excitedly, but I am just letting things simmer for a little while longer until it is strong and packs a real, thirst-quenching punch.

Becca x


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