Collaborate with me


Thank you for visiting my page and for your interest in collaboration. For more detailed information on the services I offer, please go to the relevant pages: Graphic Education, Journalism, Workshops & Talks.

I am an educator on sustainable food and agriculture, however this is a diverse topic that can span to mental health, climate policy, fisheries, youth unemployment… If you have a query about suitability or potential collaboration, please do ask.

Existing and previous partnerships include:

  • First Foods Artist Residency – charity offering artist residencies between Mexico and UK, focusing on traditional culture, foods and art.
  • Slow Food – A campaign for good, clean, fair food.
  • Tandem Festival – Eco-festival based in Oxfordshire.
  • The Thinking Kitchen – Food psychologist focused on nudging and eating habits.
  • Agora Collective – Co-working space in Berlin.
  • The Commonwealth Secretariat – Platform for advocacy and policy across Commonwealth countries.
  • The Fields Beneath – Vegan cafe in London.

As shown, I work with international organisations and small businesses, so whatever your scope, please do get in touch.

Myself, Angelique and Lawrence – Commonwealth Youth Secretariat