Envirovisuals Graphics

Envirovisuals is a graphic recording and visual communication service also run by The Food Geographer. To check out the website, click here.

What is graphic illustration?

Graphic illustration, for example by facilitation or recording, is a way to educate and inspire people via the use of infographics, art and doodles.

Facilitation could include prompting others to draw and doodle as they listen to a speaker at a workshop, or debate within a team. An example of this is World Cafe, an organisation that encourages ‘collaborative dialogue and knowledge-sharing’ within businesses – they do this by discussing set topics and doodling their ideas on the table cloths!

Hanja Hajkel
Psychologist Hanja talking of her own ‘sense of home’ and creative therapies – Berlin workshop (2015)
food geographer workshop
Workshop in Berlin on food and culture, welcoming refugees (2015)










Recording is often seen at large conferences, where one graphic recorder presents a visual synopsis of the topics and debates at hand. By the time the conference is finished, you have a story-telling art piece that can be used to summarise the event and promote future ideas.

What is Envirovisuals?

Envirovisuals focuses on graphic illustration on the topics of food, sustainability and agriculture.

We live in a globalised world in which many of the challenges we face – climate change, sea level rise, plastics pollution, famine and conflict, food waste (to name a few…) – are distanced from our everyday actions. I aim to connect us back to nature and global geographies again.

Envirovisuals offers:

  • Infographics and illustrations for topic guides and magazines
  • World Cafe graphic facilitation, using my unique ‘paper tablecloth’ method
  • Graphic recording at conferences and events
  • Logo design for sustainable food and agriculture ventures

To work with The Food Geographer or Envirovisuals, please get in touch at envirovisuals [at] gmail [dot] com.