I find drawing to be hugely therapeutic, not only as a stress release and mind-clearer, but to help me be more child like, more daring and less afraid of failure. I do not need to be perfect when I draw – in fact, perfectionism plugs up my creative flow.

Here are just a few drawings I have done, with a brief story behind each.

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Swirls and Eye

Drawn on the way to Greece. I had just come out of hospital, and was nervous and excited about the trip. Doodling calmed me.

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Fruit bowl and cup of teaย 

Having just moved back to the UK from Denmark, I couch-surfed and stayed in friend’s homes for a few months. This sketch was drawn on one of those days where I felt a bit overwhelmed with not having a nest to call my own.

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Stones from beachย 

Also in Greece, I spent the days walking along beaches and cycling in the hills. I took some of the rocks and made them into small presents for friends and family. After I had done this, I stumbled upon The Kindness Rocks Project that does a similar thing.

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