Journalism & Media

This is a non-exhaustive selection of published work and media coverage, mainly related to food and agriculture. If you are interested in me writing for you, or wish to repost any of these, please get in touch.

Published Articles

It’s all about diversityBUGSFeed (2016)

Beyond the Buzzwords: Edinburgh Food StudioSustainable Food Trust (2015)

Edible Insects and Taste Education, Food Tank (2015)

Tails of Herring Do, The Jellied Eel (2015)

Ground Yourself: The story behind Soil Eating, InTandem Magazine (2015)

Grist, N., Roberts, R., (Forthcoming) Climate Change, Food Security and Agriculture. DFID Evidence on Demand (EoD) Topic Guide

Grist. N et al. (2014) Resilience in the Sahel: Building Better Lives With Children. Plan International with Overseas Development Institute.

Terra Madre and the Oxford Real Farming Conference, ORFC (2015)

Revolting Food Traditions, Sustainable Food Trust (2015)

Stone me! True Loaf Issue No. 22, Real Bread Campaign, Sustain [contributed research and original text]

Food Nation: We are what we cook, Sustainable Food Trust (2014) [re-published in UK fitness and health magazine, forthcoming]

The rise of the Anti-Mafia Land Movement, Sustainable Food Trust (2014)

Goodbye to the supermarkets?, Sustainable Food Trust (2014)

Thinking outside the (chocolate) box, Sustainable Food Trust (2014)

A sustainable Valentine’s, Sustainable Food Trust (2014)

Farming conference face-off, Sustainable Food Trust (2014)

Highlights from the ORFC’14, Oxford Real Farming Conference (2014)

Global Food Security Strategic Initiative, University of East Anglia DEV Department (2013)

“The one true human right is to have rights”, University of East Anglia DEV Department (2013)

The political economy of millet seed systems in India: Let’s speak informally, University of East Anglia DEV Department (2013)

Selection of blogs for Oxford and Cambridge Summer School, OxFizz (2012)

Media Coverage

June (2015) Creepy crawlies canapes will cause buzz with festival-goers, Oxford Mail. 

Full article found here

Radio interview with BBC Radio Oxford (starting at 0.51m) found here