2017 (TBC)

Environmental Leadership Programme – Action Campaign on Plastics Pollution

Myself and a fantastic team of young, female leaders are creating a campaign to eliminate the sale and use of one-use plastic bottles on a famous London-based University campus. Our vision is achievable through provision of education and infrastructure, and making the status quo (single-use bottles) unattainable.  As part of this, we will be hosting several World Cafe events and creative campaigns to educate, inspire and succeed in our mission. To be continued..!

Mindful sensory food workshop, Tandem Festival (June 2017)

While the workshop date and logistics are still to be confirmed, I am excited to announce that myself, The Thinking Kitchen and another passionate young woman will be hosting a mindful sensory food workshop at this years Tandem Festival.

Our hope is to encourage a shift away from automatic, even anaesthetised, eating practices in which our senses and emotions can be numbed, towards one where we appreciate the food, the memories, feelings and diverse senses it can offer. Not only will people enjoy preparing food and talking together, but we want to engage people with deeper issues in our society, such as the rise of eating disorders, lack of sensual eating, and a disconnect with food and nature.

More information soon!